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Soooo… apparently I no longer follow anyone who cares enough about glee to actually repost new articles and spoilers for the upcomming season. Which is totally fine because I’m pretty much done with watching that show anyway.

Except apparently I DO still follow folks that have access to these things and respond with incredibly vague and frustrated posts that tell me nothing beyond, “Ugh.” And it has made me incredibly curious.

So does anyone actually know what’s going on with next season? Have any links? Etc?

Also, I really need to stop discussing shit with co-workers, cause it just pisses me off. Especially what’s going on in Ferguson. I just… Oh my god. I mean, I know folks in my area are super conservative… well, let’s face it, kind of racist, so I wasn’t even bringing up anything I thought would ACTUALLY be controversial. I was bringing up stuff like, “Can a police force be effective once they loose the respect of the citizens?” and “Police being perceived as an occupying force rather than a force that protects people actually makes their job more dangerous” and “Maybe tanks are overkill for local police.”

And yet, we somehow still ended up with my co-worker parroting back Fox News bullshit like how Mike Brown was a gang member (an accusation I hadn’t heard and therefore had no counter argument other than the fact that it was all irrelevant to whether or not the shooting was warranted, but which I discovered after I came home to do more research was just people pointing to pictures of him making the “ok” sign and flipping off cameras and shit and going, “See? Clearly gang signs. AND he’s wearing RED! Case closed.”) and how he had clearly beat the crap out of the officer and this guy had seen the pictures of it, and the cop was beat up really bad so it was obviously self defense (came home and searched for the pictures. Couldn’t find any. I did, however, find out that 11 days after the incident, a story came out in which it was reported that the cop was beaten. I also found out that Fox News had a CT scan that they were showing of some severe damage that was indeed severe, but also was debunked as a CT from 2008 from the University of Iowa).

But you know what the real kicker was? This conversation with another co-worker.

Me: It’s not even necessarily about just this one kid. I mean, regardless of what they determine at the trial, this event has brought forward a lot of attention on the racial profiling and abuses of the cops in that area.

Co-worker: Well, “alleged” abuses. I mean, nothing has been proven so far.

(earlier in that same conversation)

Coworker: Well, it’s pretty clear that the officer was acting in self defense.

Oh. Ok. I see how it is. Tons of statistics piling up about how black folks are consistently over represented in arrests and ticketing in this area? Well, not entirely conclusive. A couple of conflicting eyewitness accounts and an autopsy report that found no signs of struggle and no gunpowder residue that would indicate Mike Brown was actually trying to get the gun when it went off the first time? Well clearly that’s an open and closed case in the cop’s favor, right?

Seriously. How do these people’s brains function?

Soooo… after all these school shootings in recent years, my state legislature got the bright idea that the way to protect people from getting shot on college campuses in my state was to allow folks to carry concealed weapons on campus. Or… I dunno. Maybe it was part of that bullshit second ammendment crap everyone here keeps lording as the most important amendment of all or whatever.

Anyway, point being, last spring they passed the legislation and there was outrage and blah blah blah and then I sort of just forgot about it. Until yesterday, my first day of class for the new semester. While reading my syllabuses, all of them contained information about this new law, particularly noting that the weapons must stay concealed at all times or they violate the law.

I never thought I’d hear our costume shop manager telling a class full of people to “leave your guns at home if you’re having a fitting” because if you have to take off all your clothes, any gun you carry on your person will no longer be concealed.

I do not understand conservatives around here. I really don’t. What made them think this was going to be a good idea?

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