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“When I was little, it was all I wanted to do. I wanted to be an actress and then I grew up and thought, well that’s not a real job. And it also didn’t seem possible, as I didn’t know anyone in the business. It seemed like a dream that was too big and I was too scared to try, in case the dream didn’t come true and it could no longer be my dream. If I could hold onto it as a dream and it is never touched, then it will always be there. Then I realised that not trying is the same as not getting, so I may as well try.”

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Well, I’m back from the wtnv show. Story time! (no spoilers above the cut)

First off, we left with the intent to be in Boise by 4 pm, giving us 4 hours until the show and plenty of time to visit relatives in the area, grab some dinner, and check into our hotel. Unfortunately, our AC broke and it was  hot as balls, so we had to stop and see if it could be repaired. It could, but only with lots of money and time, so we just rolled our windows down and continued on our way. Then we took a wrong turn and had to take a huge detour that added another 2 hours onto our drive and… well, long story short, we got into town about 10 minutes before the house opened, so we checked into our hotel and then raced to the theater for the show, which was glorious.

Also, one of my top 3 artists to have ever been featured on the weather was playing on this tour, which I didn’t realize! So we started the show off with a musical set from Eliza Rickman, and it was wonderful.

And I bought a pretty poster.

And now for the spoilery bits under a cut.

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Leaving for the Night Vale show soon! A six hour drive, see the show, get a few hours of sleep, then leave at 5 AM so I can be back in time for work the next day. The things I do for you, Night Vale.

In related news, this is my first time ever booking my own hotel! I’m all grow’d up!

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