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I’ve been told by several people this week that I’m not “super liberal” or “super far left” while those same people insist that the current Democratic party is leaning “super far left” or is “super liberal.”

And I’m confused by this.

Because I’m not sure if these people just don’t realize what my political ideology is, despite me talking about it A LOT, or if they don’t understand what the definition of “far left” is, or maybe both.

Left-wing politics simply support social equality, opposition to social hierarchy, and the elimination of social inequality. Far left politics are basically socialism. That’s it. That’s the far left. And do fans of the far left exist in the US? Of course they do. Do they dominate the Democratic party? Not even a little bit. Unless you classify ANY attempt at creating a more egalitarian society as pure socialism, that is. But if that’s the case, then shouldn’t I be a socialist in their eyes?

I dunno. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

I guess I don’t actually know enough about the Marvel universe to know why pretty much everyone on my dash is breathing fire over the news for the Cap 3 movie…

Like, I could definitely understand if this wasn’t people’s favorite storyline or whatever, but people are PISSED and I don’t really know why…


I’d be happier about Doctor Who having done away with the romantic/sexual tension between Doctor and Companion that the last few series have entailed if it weren’t for the fact that, instead of kissing and flirting with his companions, like Matt Smith’s Doctor did, Capaldi’s script is rife with unnecessary criticism of Clara’s appearance.

There’s no reason for those comments to be made. I don’t need the Doctor constantly making remarks about how unattractive he finds her to get the message that theirs will not be a romantic or sexual relationship.

All these snide comments - “you’ve already taken off your makeup” to imply that she looks unattractive; “you’re built like a man”; “look for someone old and fat”; disagreeing that she looks good when she’s pleased with her appearance from the back - they aren’t needed for the relationship to come across as nonsexual. 

I guess in Steven Moffat’s world, there is no middle ground between sexual attraction and repulsion. 

Case in point: 10’s relationships with Donna and Martha. Was he romantically or sexually attracted to either of them? No. Did he every put down their appearance? No. In fact, he told them both on several occasions that they looked lovely. Not because he wanted to have sex with them, but because he was their friend and genuinely liked them and was impressed by them in a million different ways, including the fact that they both were lovely looking human beings.

Today I wandered through the arboretum on campus during our actor’s animal class.

Now I understand completely and with perfect clarity why the cops get called at least once per semester because of that class.

Last week they got a call from a guy who was walking through the arboretum on the way  to class and apparently he told them, “I think there’s a dog fight going on in the arboretum, but like… with people acting like dogs, and it’s really freaking me out.” Today it definitely sounded like someone was being murdered in there.

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