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Every time someone complains about how much tumblr hates white people, I pull out my tiny violin and play them a sad little song.

Get over yourselves. Seriously. Out of the 50% of tumblr that isn’t cat pictures, 90% is pictures of white people, white actors, white musicians, etc. Tumblr is literally fawning all over white people constantly, so don’t even try to pretend you’re persecuted here just because a handful of people don’t worship you and instead call you out on your bullshit privileged and racist attitudes.










What its like to be white on tumblr. .

it’s actually true.

What it’s like to be straight on tumblr

This post is from a literal neo-nazi blog and you fucks are reblogging it and pretending you’re not racist

Like their username actually says that they’re a neo-nazi, you are literally agreeing with a neo-nazi’s opinions on race right now


Privileged people; more in common with neo nazis than with actual people. More at 11.

"You agree with a neo-nazi on one thing, you MUST be racist!"

Liberal logic.

And the username is neonationalist
… nazism isn’t nationalism we share similar beliefs on some things but far from exacts

Oh okay…so you’re just sort of nazis…thanks for clearing that up…

"You agree with a neo-nazi on a basic aspect of race relations, you must be racist!"

…I…yes? Yes, agreeing with the racist group about the foundations of race kind of implies that just a little?

I love how people are like, “Sure, I agree with him about one thing and that makes me racist?” as if they’re agreeing about their favorite flavor of chips or something. The “one thing” you’re agreeing with the racist guy about is race. Yes. That makes you racist. Funny how that works, huh?

Also the side track about, “Hey, you can’t call him a racist, because he’s not technically a nazi.” The entire “about me” section of his blog is about race and how he likes to be white, prefers to have white friends, would never date someone who isn’t white, and wants white children. Tell me again how not racist this guy is.

Sooo… exciting night. Someone accidentally stabbed themselves at dress rehearsal tonight and went into shock. I know they only tell you not to run with scissors, but maybe also don’t jump with scissors either.

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