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Anonymous asked:

your husband seems like a dick kill him. also does ghosts still exist?



he is a dick and killing him is on my list, but he’s attractive so i’m going to get one more kid out of him

i’m not sure on the ghost front, i guess we’ll find out after i kill my husband and put his gravestone in my backyard 


This reality is a bit harder to swallow: There are more white people in the US and Canada because the US and Canada were established using the systematic genocide of Native peoples, the theft of Native lands, and the labour of enslaved peoples in the past and immigrant peoples currently who were and are never meant to stay or survive.

And now you’re uncomfortable. Good.

When you accept and acknowledge that census figures reflect a long history of marginalization, it is preposterous to use these same figures as the benchmark to which you measure the inclusion of marginalized people.

There’s a great piece in the Toast about representation and diversity (‘Proportional Representation’ Has No Place In Diversity Discussions by Léonicka Valcius) today. (via whineandbeer)

So, I think the running joke for my Theater History class this year is going to be the Spiderman musical.

Our professor brought it up as an example of deadly (aka bad) theater and one person just let out this mournful wail and then, “It could have been so good!”

Today our professor was asking us if we knew about the musical that was based on Lysistrata (a play about ancient Greek women going on a sex strike to get their husbands to stop making war on one another). One of my classmates, totally straight faced says, “Spiderman.” Our professor: “Close!”

Finally gave in and read the glee spoilers and…

What the HELL, glee? You literally did all the things wrong. All of them. In one single episode. It would be impressive if it wasn’t so depressing that you’ve turned a legitimately good show into this crap fest.

Spoilers under the cut

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so this housewife decided to rewrite the harry potter series into christian books so that her kids wont be reading about witchcraft and i just cant eveN BREATHE BC THIS IS SO HYSTERICAL

read it here:

Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles


"You’re a Christian, Harry."


Oh man, this is priceless! Best parts so far:

  • Hagrid is apparently a cowboy
  • Harry has never heard the word “Christian” before, but he says the sinner’s prayer and BAM! The entire bible is magically beamed into his brain and he starts quoting scripture left and right
  • Dumbledore is married to McGonagall, who is now a hot young blond. Dumbledore, is still an old guy, but now speaks with a southern twang.
  • Apparently the main mode of transportation for Christians is prayer induced teleportation
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